Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Me2Everyone's Future

Wow, I am actually pretty shocked here. Today we heard from the Me2everyone team, and the words were enthralling. They today announced that starting Thursday we should see the New Me2everyone site live. Once Thursday roles around, the updated version of the site will feature all of the following

You will be able to create a profile and share this with your friends. You will be able to search for new friends and discover more about everyone who has signed up and created new shares for you. You will be able to send each other messages and began interacting. You will be able to read the latest news (this has a complete makeover, making it easier to find stories. Check your current shares and discover more about the people who have helped you achieve success. There’s advertising on the website, which in version 1.6 you will be able to customise. These are the basic features that we are launching with.

To me it seems as though the very basics of a social media site will role out this week, and then grow steadily from that point. It will be very interesting to communicate with other Me2everyone members through the site, as most of them have a business sense. Even the basics may be a great way to interact with other like minded internet earners.

The team also filled us in on the schedule of what's to come in the near future:

Every Friday for the next 12 weeks me2everyone.com will evolve through several versions (1.6 to 1.9). Every week there will be new features and improvements. Some you will be able to see, some you can use and others will be background improvements. Within all this will be a major IT upgrade where me2everyone commits to spending GBP £180,000 on new servers and bandwidth as we begin the march to some 3 million members by December 2009.

To me this signals the start of the building process of the back and front ends of the script. The weekly upgrades should keep members interested and probably bring a ton of traffic to the site. It would not surprise me at all if we see 3 million members before the December 2009 goal, if things progress like the team foresees it.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Me2Everyone Beta 1.5 to Launch

Wow, finally after almost 3 months off from posting here, we are back to give some news of substance. Me2everyone has been sort of dead lately, with no news that served any importance. This week however we have heard that sometime next week, Friday June 19th, the Me2everyone Beta 1.5 version should launch for at least the upgraded members.

Here is the text from the June 10th press release:
Me2everyone is here for the long term and your patience will soon be rewarded. The guys have always said that June will be the transformation month! They were hopeful for early June, but it’s proven not to be. We have just found out that on Tuesday the website is due to be down for a few hours for maintenance: part of preparing the website for all the new modules and they are now expecting the Global Exec and Ripple members to start playing (testing) the new site sometime Friday evening (19th June). So hopefully we won’t have to wait too long before it’s rolled out to everyone!

What does this mean for Me2everyone Members?
First off I feel that we may at last start seeing some drastic changes. I believe that management has gotten a little wake up call by how dead the site has been as of late. They have raised the share reward for referrals back up to 5,000 per, until we hit 500,000 members, and are seemingly working at a faster pace then ever. The 10 million share chase should also be ending sometime this month given we hit the 500,000 mark before the month ends. It will likely coincide with the official launch of Beta version 1.5 of Me2everyone, as we will need something to keep people interested.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Me2Everyone - Meet Mike Leonard, Profits, and More

Wow, we were given some pretty big updates this morning form the Me2everyone team. I gotta say I'm quite impressed by some of the information they finally released. It was also nice to hear from one of the founders Mr. Mike Leonard who is a 40 year old internet entrepreneur. Just reading the blog posts got me pretty darn excited about the future as well as the numerous shares of Me2everyone that I own.

The first update this morning is about Me2everyone Version 1.5 which will launch Next month, and will eventually lead to Versions 2.0 and 3.0 (the #D version).
Unfortunately, as you can tell, there’s not much we can do with this prelaunch version of me2everyone. It simply was not designed for 330,000+ members to have a unique and rewarding experience. We are getting ready to roll out version 1.5 – a new way to explore me2everyone. You should see elements of it arriving next week (or sooner).

The revised front-end will cure 90% of member and visitor questions and free-up the teams time to fully develop the customer care network. There will be a small number of changes in the members’ area ahead of a full version 1.5 upgrade later in April, where you will be able to interact with your friends.

Also being prepared is the new upgrade portal which is dedicated to the needs of Global Exec, Advantage and Customer Care Managers. As you have also heard, elements of our Business Portal (the marketplace) are following in May.

Will version 1.5 be the 3D version?

No, not yet. Version 1.5 will evolve into version 2.0 first – one which is a 2D version of what we’re aiming for. Once we know that environment is stable, we will begin to move towards version 3.0 (3D) which is a hybrid between the 3D world and the 2D.

Why not do a fully immersive 3D? Well firstly there are the infrastructure costs for me2everyone and bandwidth issues for members. Secondly that would also require a download and this begins to restrict the market. Whereas our version combines the speed of function of a “point-and-click” website that business users want, with the graphics element that creates a familiar feel for shoppers and members alike. Next add in the powerful ownership aspects that are possible in me2everyone and we feel long-term this can compete with the highest trafficked websites out there.

The next set of updates are from Mike Leonard, the founder, and give us incite into just how members will make money and how the company itself will function to bring in ad dollars. Although it is rather vague, it is a lot more info then we had, so I for one am not complaining:

It’s Mike again. Looks like my plans for this morning have changed.

So let’s take a look at how members can use me2everyone to make money. Firstly please remember that soon you will become a registered shareholder of me2everyone: that means that when me2everyone makes a profit – you also make a profit. However, if me2everyone makes a loss or creates debt, then you are not responsible for those losses or debts.

So how will me2everyone make a profit?

Well there are 14 different areas where we can make money, split into 5 zones. As you would expect, many of these areas surround businesses and ways they can increase their sales. However there are other ways we can make money too. More on these later...


In May a significant part of the income stream comes online: a business marketplace where businesses of all sizes (everywhere) can create a web presence using a great new tool. It’s a bit like E-bay without the fees. Members (and non-members) will be able to search the site for whatever product or service they are looking for and order direct. Me2everyone gets a commission on all sales made and members will also get a discount on any purchases they make.

Members will be able to make money by referring new business members (commissions will vary). Sales in the marketplace create an income for me2everyone and this will be shared with our members – both as a monthly income and as a growing company value.

And to follow another bit of an update from Mike:
I am Mike Leonard, one of the Founders of me2everyone. I’m 40 years old and have a wonderful son, sadly divorced but I’m still great friends with his mum. I have a 15-year background in helping entrepreneurs and innovators to launch their own businesses. Sometimes there has been success and sometimes failure. I started my first business when I was 14, importing rare vinyl records from the Soviet Union (as it was then).

My role in me2everyone is to assist the directors in creating the web team and developing the heart and soul of the me2everyone “world”. Over the next few days I’m going to introduce you to other team members, let you know how our plans are shaping up, what problems we face and – more importantly for you – how you can make money from me2everyone!

What I would like to say today is that me2everyone.com has been live for 65 days. In web terms we are a very young company and YES we have made many mistakes. Ouch! I guess we lost a few people on the way. For those of you who stick around, I promise the wait will be worthwhile. Me2everyone has recently increased spending on the website by 400% and we are working with a team in India and also a full-time team in Gran Canaria – people I have worked with for the past 10 years. They have some incredible bolt-on components launching in May 2009: one which we are sure will propel your income from the me2everyone world.

I will tell you more about this when I update you this evening. For now I have to go eat breakfast, then get ready to fly to the UK. There’s time to answer just one question...


Ok... me2everyone will be a social network with some killer features. It’s aimed at entertaining its members and also in creating a framework for business. Over the next 3 years it will become a place on the web where you can do many things and we will explore these over the next couple of weeks.

We have developed some great ways for Business Members to interact with our members – a chance to get the corner-shop or Ma & Pa store onto the web. me2everyone will give every member the chance to make money as business members increase their sales. Then there's dividends and share values. I will give you more details later this evening.

Like I said, I just got a lot more excited about Me2everyone. It seems that we have some very capable people behind this leading the company in the right direction. Membership continues to grow rapidly, and we should probably hit half a million users sometime in early to Mid April in my opinion.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Me2everyone 10,000,000 Share Chase Leaders

For those of you who have been actively referring other members to Me2everyone, you may soon be surprised to find a large quantity of shares in your account soon. Those who are on the leader boards (you need at least 60 referrals to make it in the top 250 Me2everyone referer list) got the following email:

A few weeks ago we launched the "10,000,000 share chase." This rewards the 250 highest recruiters in the me2everyone world with bonus share allotments from 1000 shares up to an incredible 10,000,000 shares worth GBP £10,000 face value (and potentially worth a lot more in the months and years to come). The share chase ends when we reach 500,000 members: so you still have about 30 days to boost your ranking.

You are currently on the Leaderboard! Now to be honest we wanted to get the Leaderboard online for all members to see, but the sheer speed of membership growth is leaving us behind. It doesn't matter though, because on Monday we are doubling the size of our web team and our Global Execs will be starting work as well. That means there will be many more reasons for you to come online and experience me2everyone.

Here is the list of the top 20 referrers along with the number of referrals they have in parenthesis. I have also spoke with several of the top members and know a couple of their current total extra shares they will receive if they are in the same position come the end of the contest:

1 Evgeny Pashko (1834) - 10,000,000 Shares
2 Stefan Eremeev (1675)
3 Bojana Mizdrak (1357)
4 Marko Holmberg (1017)
5 Bolohonov Andrey (872)

6 Johnny Albert Stephen (860)
7 Karen Campbell (655)
8 Enzo Hawe (626) - 500,000 Shares
9 Brian Kay (595)
10 Hristina Milanovic (463)

11 Kevin Curtis (404)
12 igordeg igordeg (390)
13 Gennadiy Dmitryk (373)
15 jaeyong kim (356)

16 Alexei Kaliberda (355)
17 Vojin Petrovic (345)
18 Sergey Galaydo (334)
19 Vladimir Grishkov (315)
20 boban vasic (313)

Monday, March 16, 2009

Me2Everyone Sneak Peek Coming

Big News Today from the Me2everyone Crowd. It looks are though things are really going to get moving from here on out. There are now over 300,000 members in just about 2 months time. That is a remarkable feat on its own.

The following update has been posted to members at the Me2everyone site:

Well 10 minutes ago one of our Founder Members gave us the green light to keep the recruitment process open. This is wonderful news as we begin to expand towards the first half a million members. It also signals a change to the way we do business here:

1) Later today the first 40 Global Exec members will be named online
2) We also let you know the leaders in our "10 MILLION SHARE CHASE"
3) We will also give you a glimpse of the new Beta test pages... a chance to see where m2e will be very soon!
4) We are looking at the prospect of meeting with members to launch the Customer Care Manager team
5) News will be coming online a lot more frequently from today.

I am certainly excited to see who the leaders are in the 10 million share chase. Someone will be rewarded 10,000,000 shares for being the top referral. Is it you? Is it me? I guess we will know soon enough. They will also be showing members a sneak peak of the new beta version. That should all hopefully give us tremendous incite into the future of the site. Can't wait! I will update this blog probably again tonight or tomorrow depending on what is announced.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Me2Everyone Global Exec Team Information

More info has been released to the public about the Me2everyone plans for their Global Executive Team and Custom Care Managers. The numbers they released for the total number of these Global Execs are staggering to say the least. They are aiming for 72,300 Global Execs.

There really isn't too much information on the exact jobs of these positions, what Me2everyone will be paying them, and how exactly the selection process will work. They have a habit of throwing out to use crazy numbers and stats, only to be vague in what they really are seeking. I can't get too much on their case though, afterall, they eclipsed the projected member totals by an amazing amount. I believe that the Global Exec team will be a customer support network throughout the world, and will probably be compensated somehow. Remember the company has no income as of yet, and likely will not have a net profit for many years considering the tasks at hand. Remember Facebook and Myspace are not exactly making a killing for the amount of traffic they see each day. It won't be easy to monetize the system unless they have some tricks up their sleeves. We shall see within a few months I assume.

By the way these updates like the one below are also provided at the Me2everyone forum at MMG.


m2e aims to recruit 72,300 Customer Care Managers and Global Exec members across the next 3 years. They will help transform me2everyone into a global brand, with live customer support in a local time-zone in your local language and dialect. We have developed two business upgrades:

1. Global Exec

2. Customer Care Manager

This week we are choosing the first 100 members of the Global Exec (there will eventually be 300 people). The Global Exec is a management layer with a role to help develop the Customer Care Network and also act as an advisor to our board of directors. Income streams are performance related: but certainly worth your time. To find out more information now, click the "LOG-OUT" button and you will find our brochures.

Customer Care Managers will look after up to 3000 member accounts and up to 160 business member accounts. There will be more news coming on this soon.

We expect a good team to begin evolving very soon and in the new Beta version, you will be able to meet them all.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Me2everyone Beta Launch in March

Well, it's kind of funny. Yesterday I make the post about Me2everyone and how they have been seemingly going weeks without updates, and even though they claimed the Beta would be released sometime this month we have heard nothing. Well guess what? Today they did two separate blog updates, giving us all information about some of the time lines.

The Beta site should be operational by the end of this month! I'm pretty excited. They also should go live with all the features sometime in June which is only a few months away. If Me2everyone is everything they have been hyping it up to be, then us shareholders may be in for quite a pleasant surprise. This has been a nice weekend bonus for those at the Me2everyone forum so worried about the lack of updates.Time will tell I guess. Below is the official update from the site:


“OK – fantastic concept, but when does it all start?”

That pretty much sums up the responses from thousands of m2e members and 8 weeks since pre-launch we are virtually ready for the first Beta update. So what’s new?

One day an email will arrive from me2everyone telling you that the Beta phase has begun. There will be a link to click and you will come to a cleaner looking web-page with many more options than we offer now. For instance you will be able to “Meet the Team”, reading the bios of everyone involved and also see our photos. This feature will eventually show-case everyone connected to m2e including the Global Execs and Customer Care Managers.

A new presentation is being written and in the “More Info” area there’s a slide show, PDF document and a detailed FAQ section. There is also a link to a more intuitive Contact form with all our contact details there in plain sight. There will also be demographic data streams giving you more information about the community we are building.

There’s space for news updates and space for potential advertisers, but these features won’t be switched on for a few more weeks. Oh yes, there’s the language bar and we are currently hiring people for our One-World translation team with plans to bring you beta in 38 languages!

There’s a new legal centre coming online too – with far more detailed information about the share information and why this is legal. Finally we are adding a “m2e Jobs” page – showing how you can work with me2everyone as we build the community worldwide.


Yes and no. At first, members will see the pages you can see now. The Beta members’ area is under development and we will launch the new navigation sequence asap. The plan is to have the whole Beta experience live by the end of March 2009 and then test the features for some time, adding new Beta features on a weekly basis.


Beta will enable you to do many of the things you can with other social networks, but it’s the 3D elements that will set us apart. We are planning to launch the 3D aspects and the internal m2e job roles (from mayor to council, enforcers to newspaper owners, real estate agents to forest creators) by mid June 2009.